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In the text you will find numbers between parentesi like this: (2) . These numbers are the corresponding demonstration of what is exposed in this article and are reflected as documentary evidence (evidence) at the end of it under the heading " REFERENCES ".

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CIA fragrance on Castro: Frank Angelo Fiorini

Updated: May 17, 2021

Better known as Frank Sturgis, he was a CIA super agent (1) who was fighting in the Sierra Maestra alongside Fidel Castro and helped him seize power by training and providing weapons to the Rebels from the US

In his statement (2) to the authorities he said:
"Well, I was in the mountains with Fidel Castro ... My first contact with someone was with the Vice-Consul in Santiago de Cuba ... He was also the Head of the CIA established there in Santiago de Cuba."

Sturgis would have joined Fidel through Prio. Yes, President Carlos Prios Socarras who had been deposed by the Batistiano coup. Although the official history of Cuba shows us Prio as an enemy of Fidel Castro, the historical evidence shows that Prio financed Castro several times. (3) Although Prio was the link with Fidel, Sturgis declares that he had met him before Prio in 1956 precisely in the United States. (4)

But wait, Fidel was in Mexico preparing the Granma expedition in 1956. He could only have gone to the US secretly because he was under political asylum and also had already been captured and released by Mexican Intelligence. We had already revealed this to you in the article "Mexican intelligence turns a blind eye to the M-26-7." In any case, it is difficult to pinpoint when the meeting occurred. The sources show dates between 56 and 57, but there is no evidence that Fidel could have been in the US in '57 as he was in the Sierra Maestra. Well, in Granma's own article - which we already mentioned - they tell us that Fidel had swam across the Rio Grande to meet Prio. Would this be the time to meet Sturgis too? Sturgis mentions in his statements that Prio was a friend of the Cuban wife of an uncle of his who lived in Miami. His name was Angelo Vona. His Cuban wife would be the one to introduce Sturgis to Prio. Whatever the case, this character worked under Castro's orders, killing Cubans. Here we see him posing on the mass grave after the macabre shooting recorded in history as the "Massacre of Loma de San Juan" (7) (8)

Frank Sturgis had been trained as a Marine and had developed exceptional killing skills. (5) And he had shown it while serving in the jungles of the Japanese-occupied Pacific Islands during World War II. His performance was so extreme that he was terminated for psychopathic behavior. In an interview in "High Times" Magazine, Sturgis expresses:

High Times asks, "So they thought you were crazy?"
Sturgis responds: Well, I had been in so many battles, I think I was possibly trying to prove something to myself by going into the service, never having killed a person in my life, then being trained and brainwashed to kill people at all. Different aspects of war and hand-to-hand combat. Killing people with a knife. Silent killing. They trained me on this and I was very good at it.

And he had enlisted so young that he needed permission from his mother. The whole story of Sturgis can be read in the book "HE DROPPED A HAMMER ON JFK" (6)

Years later he would be involved in the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy and the Watergate scandal



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