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Who we are

We intend to shed light on issues omitted, disguised or totally ignored within the process known as the Cuban Revolution

"Independence" and "May 20th". For most there is not much in common that these two expressions can share. For others, however, it denotes the line that divides the old, from a new stage in the History of the Republic of Cuba.

It was also a starting point for me. There, at the coordinate 0 where the Republic begins, I found a temple of consciousness where I discover in myself an investigator, a lover of the occult and the reasons why they are such.

And it happens that there, already on a material level, there is also the José Martí National Library. I spent two years in such a sublime institution, among renowned researchers such as Eduardo Torres Cuevas, who introduced me to "Those Who Thought Cuba." Editing articles with reputed intellectuals like Carlos Zamora Rodriguez . And so many others.

Then documents passed through my eyes that caught my attention, "Rare and Valuable" books that pushed me to discover data that for more than ten years I preferred not to share. Now, I give myself an arduous task of organizing, collecting, editing, and presenting them with valuable information to understand what happened in Cuba. I will base myself on official publications of the time, declassified documents; always leaving a solid bibliography that provides validity, evidence and arguments.

Due to the sensitivity of the themes, I will prefer to keep my identity for the moment, anonymous.

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